Listen Online! Quorum — The Messenger’s Tale

Quorum — The Messenger’s TaleWashington, DC, September 2011. A city as renowned for pushing papers as for pushing deadlines. Where the machinery of American government fights tooth and nail against the encroachment of twenty-first century technology… clinging desperately to methods, communication styles, and entire industries rendered obsolete in the world beyond the Capital Beltway.

Bicycle messenger Swipe is on the final delivery of her career — transporting a set of vital papers to a government office by a five o’clock deadline — before moving ahead with long-delayed wedding plans. But forces intent on interrupting that delivery quickly move to oppose her — as does one of her unprincipled courier competitors.

AD-PG Length: 28:43

Rated AD-PG, so parental guidance is suggested
Contains multiple variations of someone being called an ass, one instance each of “son of a bitch” as well as “crazy bitch” and taking JC’s name in vain. Plus misogyny, car crashes and related violence, and cold calculations that affect human lives.


Announcer: Marsha Rehns
Swipe: Tara Garwood
Manny: Greg Jones Ellis
Yertle: Brooks Tegler
Melissa: Erin Rose Coughlan
Ryan: John Glasfeld
Fälschung: Joel Snyder
Georgetown Resident: Brianna Lux
M Street Crosser: Brian Crane
Angela: Sara Polton
West End Driver: William R. Coughlan
College Student: Anna Coughlan
Downtown Driver: Bjorn Munson
Isa: Brianna Lux
Spider: Mike Bernal
Downtown Pedestrian: Brooks Tegler
Truck Driver: Joel Snyder
Passers-by: Erin Rose Coughlan, John Glasfeld, Kim Davenport
Mr King: Pete Papageorge
Ms. Rook: Faith Potts
Mr. Queen: Joel Snyder
Mr. Bishop: Brian Crane
Ms. Knight: Anna Fitzgerald


Recorded at WERA-LP 96.7 FM Radio Arlington
Supplemental recording at Tohubohu Productions in Burke, Virginia and Tulgey Wood Studios in Deepest Springfield
Music by The Mighty Heard, Three Man Soul Machine, and Brooks Tegler
Dialogue and sound effects editing, mastering and final mixing by William R. Coughlan
Production support by John Glasfeld
Produced by Bjorn Munson
Written and directed by William R. Coughlan


Early in the Morning
performed by Brooks Tegler’s Hot Jazz
from the album And Not Only That!
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“Karma (instrumental)”
performed by The Mighty Heard
from the album Still High / Karma – EP

performed by Three Man Soul Machine
from the album Hold On (I’m Comin’ Home)
Composed by Mylie Durham IV

“Hold On (I’m Comin’ Home)”
performed by Three Man Soul Machine
from the album Hold On (I’m Comin’ Home)
Composed by Mylie Durham IV