Specials and Live Events

A collection of Jabberwocky Audio Theater live performances and special episodes.

War of the Worlds 2018War of the Worlds 2018

H.G. Wells’s classic “War of the Worlds” gets a Jabberwocky update as we tune in to a special radio broadcast in October 2018 learning of mysterious power outages and “seismic activity” in the Washington, DC area. Could this be related to strange gas eruptions on the planet Mars?

Nostromo 2: Electric Alien BoogalooNostromo 2: Electric Alien Boogaloo

The JAT crew got a chance to return to Escape Velocity this past Memorial Day and do a special live production in honor of the 40th anniversary of both Alien and the TV show Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (as you’ll hear, we reference some of the earlier adventures of Rogers as well). Basically, it’s a send up of every space opera story you know where a crew investigates a derelict spacecraft and mayhem ensues.

Yule Special 2019: The Gift of the MagiJabberwocky Audio Theater Yule Special 2019

As our last episode for 2019, we bring you a special for the holiday season.