Anna Coughlan

Anna CoughlanAnna Coughlan is an actress, writer, and director. She has performed in several films for Tohubohu Productions, including Screening Process, Homemade Hero, Please Forward, Uncertainty Principle, Liability, Green House, The Rest of Your Life, Believe Me and Separation Smackdown. In addition, she has written or co-written several films, including the above-mentioned Separation Smackdown and The Rest of Your Life, as well as The Golden Cage of Television, Closure Corps, Devil in the Details, and the multiple-award-winning Winston and Tex: Wisdom of the Old West.

She has performed in dozens of stage productions (with a particular affinity for Shakespeare); highlights include Hamlet in Hamlet, Ariel in The Tempest, Reagan in King Lear, Juliet in Romeo and Juliet. She has also directed productions of Two Gentlemen of Verona and A Midsummer Night’s Dream for the GW Shakespeare Company.

She also hosted the long-running 80s music program Midsummer Radio for WERA 96.7 FM Radio Arlington (several episodes of which are still available on MixCloud).