Quorum Season Two is In Production!

Amazingly, this isn’t our whole cast from our virtual table readings in January

After plenty of time spent casting in the Fall, we returned from the holidays getting ready to product the second full season of Quorum (the first season and an ‘interlude’ are available to listen to already if you want to catch up).

The Gambler’s Tale: All That Glitters picks up with poker player and ad-hoc sleuth Jimmy Harmon almost a year later and in a new city, Los Angeles. While the city and its dangers might be new, you’ll find the mayhem and cliffhangers are what you’ve come to expect.

We have a cast of 28 actors voicing about 56 roles through a labyrinthine story that spans 10 episodes (just like season one). The picture above is from our virtual table read, which took two sessions considering it’s over 200 pages of script. That was late January.

Now we’re going through the slow, but steady process of recording each of those 28 actors. It’s a change from our usual style of gathering everyone together, but COVID demands we take those precautions — and we’ve been excited about the performances we’ve captured already.

Look for the next season of Quorum this Fall on WERA-LP 96.7 FM and on fine podcatchers everywhere.

Casting for the New Season of Quorum Completed!

We’re happy to announce a key milestone in bringing the latest season of Quorum to you all: casting is done!

Cameron McNary returns as Jimmy Harmon, no longer an online poker player and no longer in Las Vegas. That change in locale means you won’t hear all the same characters you heard in “Outstanding Debts,” though a few familiar voices will pop up (we’re going to keep who a surprise). Rounding out the case are voices you may recognize from the rest of the extended Jabberwocky company as well as some new voices coming from the DC area’s deep bench of acting talent.

We’ll be sharing more in the coming months, with the completed episode airing next Fall.

Quorum Season Two Draft Done!

We’ve been feeling the pressure this month between adjusting to life in the pandemic and trying to stay true to our planned 2020 schedule.

One bit of good news has been that Bill Coughlan has finished his revised draft of Quorum.

The whisky glass is optional

As you all probably know, Quorum has interweaving tales told from different perspectives. Currently we’ve been getting to know Jimmy Harmon, the titular gambler in The Gambler’s Tale. Both that first installment and this next one are 10-episode installments. One of the innovations Bill brought to our Jabberwocky workflow was to have the entire season, all 10 episodes, be one massive script. As a filmmaker, he already had software familiar to many screenwriters called Final Draft. He looked at the format I used from a bit of free software called Celtx and created a custom style that would work for audio theater.

For those of you backing us on Patreon, we go into some of the pros and cons we’ve found in doing season-long scripting.

Quorum Profile: Sara Polton

Sara Polton

With our release of Quorum – The Messenger’s Tale, we wanted to share the bios of some of the voices you’re hearing.

Sara Polton

Sara Polton is an actress and writer with a BA in Theatre from VCU. She’s known for her voice acting in Zoolaplex and Answering Machine Podcast. She won best scream for her role in “The Least Among Us” as part of the 2017 48 Hour Horror Film Festival. She won Best Screenplay for her script “Stay the Night” in The Big Apple Film Festival Horror Fest, and LA Horror Fest. She’s also been featured as a lead role in following short films: Gender Bender, Recalculating Journey, and Love Hertz

Quorum Profile: Anna Fitzgerald

Anna Fitzgerald

With our release of Quorum – The Messenger’s Tale, we wanted to share the bios of some of the voices you’re hearing.

Anna Fitzgerald
Ms. Knight

Anna Fitzgerald is an actor, voice actor, and 30-year creative-direction veteran in NYC and Washington, DC. Her audio work includes documentaries, instruction, commercials, radio drama, Audible narration and production, and live announcing for audiences up to 11K attendees.  Her film credits include appearances in House of Cards and Wonder Woman ll, to be released June 2020.

Having lived in Munich, London, New York, and Washington, DC, among other locations, she brings the context of increasingly globalized society to her projects. She has a substantial background in and a love for the arts and design, art history, architecture, and the natural sciences, but Zen time is cooking, cycling, kayaking, and digging in the dirt while her dog chases dragonflies. 

Quorum Profile: Faith Potts

With our release of Quorum – The Messenger’s Tale, we wanted to share the bios of some of the voices you’re hearing.

Faith Potts
Faith Potts

Faith Potts
Ms. Rook
Faith Potts has lived the last thirty-plus years in the DC area, working as actor, narrator, piano teacher, and fan of the arts which flourish here so abundantly! She is a member of AEA and SAG-AFTRA, has narrated over three hundred books for the National Library Service, and has performed on many stages here and regionally.

Quorum Profile: Pete Papageorge

Pete Papageorge

With our release of Quorum – The Messenger’s Tale, we wanted to share the bios of some of the voices you’re hearing.

Pete Papageorge
Mr. King
Pete Papageorge is an Actor, Musician, and Voiceover performer. For nearly thirty years, he was the “musician-in-residence” at Kelly’s Irish Times restaurant near Capitol Hill. Previously he played in bands, notably with DC legends, Donal Leace and “Big” Al Downing. He’s been a member of SAG-AFTRA since 1999 and has been seen in numerous Film & TV projects, including Head of StateA Dirty ShameHouse of CardsVEEPThe District, and most recently, the 2018 NYT Critic’s Pick, Sollers Point. He’s also done voiceovers for numerous clients including the US Army, the CIA, DIA, GMMB, American Red Cross, as well as having voiced twenty-two characters for the 2008 GDC Game of the Year, FALLOUT 3. In 2010, he was awarded the Classic Peer Gold award for his “I Am the Guard” voiceover spot for the National Guard. He is also a BMI-affiliated songwriter/publisher having had songs chart on Cash Box and played on The Weather Channel. You can hear his music on Spotify, YouTube, and at his website, www.petepapageorge.com. Recently, he became a volunteer musician with “Musicians on Call,” an organization through which musicians play at bedsides of patients at area hospitals. Thus far, he has very much enjoyed being a part of “The Quorum,” his first project with Team J.

Quorum Profile: Mike Bernal

With our release of Quorum – The Messenger’s Tale, we wanted to share the bios of some of the voices you’re hearing.

Mike Bernal
Mike Bernal is a fledgling voice actor, with Quorum being Mike’s first performance. He’s been steeped in voice acting appreciation by way of Mel Blanc, Maurice LeMarche, and Rob Paulson.

Fascination with voice ver in cartoons led to interest in developing voices, accents, and dialects. His enjoyment of audio drama came about in this second Golden age in the form in podcasts.

Mike has a podcast of his own where he and his friend help you curate your nerdiness by reviewing nerd-culture related media. You can find Pod Nerdy 2 Me on most podcatchers.

Quorum Profile: Brian Crane

With our release of Quorum – The Messenger’s Tale, we wanted to share the bios of some of the voices you’re hearing.

Brian Crane
Mr. Bishop, M Street Crosser
Brian Crane is an acting company member at WSC Avant Bard where he has appeared as Gonzalo in The Tempest, Bernard in There is a Happiness that Morning Is, Foka in Les Justes, Edward IV in Richard III, Sigmund in Secret Obscenities (Capital Fringe Festival), Steve in Small Craft Warnings, War in Peace, LeGrue in Red Noses, Lepidus in Caligula, Lodowick in Edward III, and DeNizza and Manco in The Royal Hunt of the Sun. Roles with the American Century Theater include Juror 11 in Twelve Angry Men, Frank Elgin in Country Girl, Leslie in Seascape, Woodly in Happy Birthday, Wanda June, the Producer in Hellzapoppin’, the Egg of Head in MacBird!, Harris in Tea and Sympathy, and Felix/Williams in Paradise Lost. He has also appeared as Craig in Pinky Swear’s production of Blight, and Clotaldo in Life’s a Dream with Journeymen Theatre.

Quorum Profile: Brianna Lux

Brianna Lux

With our release of Quorum – The Messenger’s Tale, we wanted to share the bios of some of the voices you’re hearing.

Brianna Lux
Isa, Georgetown Resident

Brianna Lux is an actress and improviser in Washington, DC. She has been performing with the Washington Improv Theater house ensemble Nox! since 2013. She has also been in several short films with the award-winning Crowded Elevator Pictures, winning Best Actress in the 2014 Washington DC 48 Hour Film Project for her role in the film Miss Fortune. She has also voiced characters in the animated shorts Man Servants and Giant Nerds.