Bjorn Munson

Bjorn MunsonBjorn Munson (he/him), is the founder and Artistic Director of Jabberwocky Audio Theater. He grew up listening to audio fiction from the Golden Age of Radio and was very bummed when he learned people weren’t regularly producing such shows any more in the States.

For that reason, he’s delighted for JAT to do its part in the widespread revival of this fantastic medium. He is the writer/director of Rogue Tyger as well as JAT’s two live productions to date: War of the Worlds and Nostromo 2: Electric Alien Boogaloo.

In addition to working on audio theater, Bjorn is also an award-winning filmmaker, including for the shorts “DeLeon Crossing” and “The Writer’s Dilemma” as well as the web series The Broken Continent.

He lives in Deepest Springfield with his family.