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Whether you remember the Golden Age of Radio or have just been introduced to audio theater, we hope you’ll join us as we tell new tales of suspense and put a twist on classic adventure stories. Remember, while we have one podfeed, there are many shows.

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Jabberwocky Audio Theater currently has four ongoing shows, some behind-the-scenes episodes, and occasional specials.

Recently, we’ve separated out our noir-tinged hardboiled crime show Quorum and the cliffhanger-laden space opera Rogue Tyger into their own feeds

However, you can also catch all four of our shows and all the specials are available on one omnibus podfeed. So, if you want to make sure you don’t miss an episode go ahead and subscribe to an ever-increasing number of feeds and streaming services. Add yourself and get over 50 hours of audio theater right away!

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Finally. did you know you can catch Jabberwocky Audio Theater on the broadcast airwaves? 96.7 FM to be precise.

Naturally, not all of you will be within WERA’s range, in which case you’re welcome to listen live over the internet.

In any case, please join us every Sunday at 4pm ET. Adventure awaits!


Jabberwocky Audio Theater (aka JAT) is a group of storytellers writing, recording, and podcasting out of Deepest Springfield.

Inspired by the classic shows of Radio’s Golden Age, JAT aims to create well-crafted tales to entertain and engross modern audiences. Note that we have one podfeed, but many different shows.

As our name suggests, we will focus on fantastical tales set on other worlds, in other lands, and in places disturbingly similar to our own.

Our travels will also take us to classic tales of adventure, where we’ll give them a fresh audio twist. And we’re also not averse to venturing into the realm of the rampantly silly and absurd. Our name is Jabberwocky after all.

We hope you join us on the journey.


La La Land

This article excerpt, part of a series entitled The Quorum Chronicle, appears in full — along with expanded audio content — exclusively for our Patreon backers. See our Patreon page for further details. Real estate speculation has long been a vital part of the American economy — and prompted more than a bit of illicit activity. To quote …

Quorum — The Gambler’s Tale: “All That Glitters,” Part 10 of 10

July 2012. As events come to a head, Jimmy Harmon finds himself finally confronting the conspirators behind the White Bluff Restoration Trust. But as the situation escalates, Jimmy is forced to grapple with an uncomfortable realization — and the sudden loss of a key ally. Unable to escape, Jimmy finds himself in mortal peril as the plotters …

Quorum — The Gambler’s Tale: “All That Glitters,” Part 9 of 10

July 2012. Poker player Jimmy Harmon and his ex-girlfriend Robin Freeman have at last uncovered the truth behind the White Bluff Restoration Trust’s plans. But knowing the truth and being able to prove it are different things entirely. Jimmy plans to return to his exclusive private poker game in an attempt to glean more information …