Welcome to Jabberwocky Audio Theater!

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Whether you remember the Golden Age of Radio or have just been introduced to the audio theater, we hope you’ll join us as we tell new tales of suspense and put a twist on classic adventure stories.


We’re kicking the podcast off with Rogue Tyger, an original science-fiction action-adventure series.

5,000 years into the future, humans and a dozen other sentient races have forged a civilization. Spacers brave the oceans of void between hundreds of worlds. This is the tale of one band of spacers & their ship: the Tyger.


Jabberwocky Audio Theater (aka JAT) is a group of storytellers writing, recording, and podcasting out of Deepest Springfield.

Inspired by the classic shows of Radio’s Golden Age, JAT aims to create well-crafted tales to entertain and engross modern audiences.

As our name suggests, we will focus on fantastical tales set on other worlds, in other lands, and in places disturbingly similar to our own.

Our travels will also take us to classic tales of adventure, where we’ll give them a fresh audio twist. And we’re also not averse to venturing into the realm of the rampantly silly and absurd. Our name is Jabberwocky after all.

We hope you join us on the journey.


Things That Go ‘Bump’ in the Podcast

We’re busy in post-production for Rogue Tyger and preparing for a special live performance later this year, but a recent piece we caught on BBC Radio caught our attention. Jonathan Stroud, an author of appropriately fantastical tales, talks about his family’s tradition of telling ghost stories. His anecdote of communal storytelling reminded us of one …