Quorum Profile: Mike Bernal

With this Fall’s broadcast of “The Gambler’s Tale: All That Glitters,” we’re looking at the voices behind this season of Quorum, continuing with the Featured Players.

Mike Bernal

Mike Bernal


Mike Bernal is excited to return to his much beloved character, Skitch. He has continued to work with Jabberwocky Audio Theater to build his experience as a voice actor in “The Messenger»s Tale” and “Prince Prigio.” He hones his skills as a Dungeon Master to several games of D&D taking place weekly and monthly. Fun Fact: he has adopted Skitch’s voice to almost exclusively represent goblins in his home games.

His love of D&D, worldbuilding, and storytelling also take the forms of writing comics. Mike is featured in Advanced Death Saves, a comic anthology telling stories of TTRPG player character deaths. Ask you local comic shop about it!

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