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Live Theater Revisits Audio Theater

A lot of the company has worked, and continues to work, in live theater — though now isn’t as easy. We previously shared a message from the artistic director of the Guthrie Theater in Minnesota about theater’s enduring qualities.

Theaters are continuing to find ways to weather the closures and one way, as detailed on NPR, is to do plays as radio dramas.

The article references Orson Welles’ famous “War of the Worlds” broadcast from 1938, which we commemorated in 2018 with our own live performance of “War of the Worlds,” set in modern day and locally here in the Washington, DC area.

We hope this trend helps keep the lights on for many theaters — and perhaps introduces new listeners to the “Theater of the Mind.”

Julie Bennett, R.I.P.

We were sad to hear the news that versatile voice actor Julie Bennett passed away last week due to complications related to coronavirus. At the age of 88, she had an amazingly large body of work, not coincidentally because she started working around 1950.

While she voiced no end of characters, people might remember her best as Cindy Bear and also as Aunt May, but she not only had different voices, she wore different hats. Later in life, she was both a talent manager and a realtor. As Mark Evanier writes, she was skilled at adopting other identities.

Now we’re off to fire up some old Yogi Bear cartoons…

Don’t Panic! The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is 42!

Many people may remember the books, possibly the 80s TV show, or even the more recent feature film, but as devoted Hitchhiker’s fans will remember, it started on radio.

We certainly remember that over here at Jabberwocky Audio Theater and it definitely was something in our mind last year when we were putting together Nostromo 2: Electric Alien Boogaloo.

Well, this year, the series is 42 years old, which is a special anniversary for Hitchhiker’s — and the BBC is planning to celebrate this week. So if you have a chance to tune in, enjoy!

RIP, Russi Taylor

We were sad to read that Russi Taylor, veteran voice actor, has died at the age of 75. Taylor may be best remember by many of us as the voice of Minnie Mouse. In fact, she was married to the voice of Mickey Mouse for some time until he sadly passed in 2009. By all accounts, Taylor was great to work with. Writer and all-around pop culture historian Mark Evanier has a nice remembrance as well.

Of course, like just about all voice actors, Taylor was more than just the voice of Minnie as this great compilation shows:

Happy Independence Day!

Yes, we know we have many listeners in the Commonwealth countries, so this is likely just another Thursday for you. However, we are “theater” not “theatre” after all… and in any case, just check out the recording studio in the video below. Ah, we’ll have to tackle a musical one of these days…

More War of the Worlds Headed Our Way

We were already excited to see the TV version of War of the Worlds due sometime this year, but we’ve since learned David Tennant aka The Doctor aka Scrooge McDuck will be reading an audio version of War of the Worlds as well. We’re looking forward to both! (And we bet some of you are too).

Of course, if you want a version of War of the Worlds closer to our time and our neck of the woods (the Washington, DC area), you can check out the version we did last year.