Through the Looking Glass

From “once upon a time” to before time began, enjoy an anthology of dramatic readings and other adaptations based on folklore and classic fairy tales from around the world.

“Prince Prigio” by Andrew Lang (part 5 of 6)

Prince PrigioA continuation of Andrew Lang’s rollicking self-aware fairy tale about a prince who is cursed to be too clever. This special pandemic production features recordings from throughout the Jabberwocky Audio troupe.


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Rated AD-G (Audio Drama “G”)Length: 26:07

Rated AD-G for general audiences
Contains legal proceedings, people trying to better themselves, and several death threats to several different people.

Cast (in order of speaking)
Announcer: Kim Davenport
Narrator: Bjorn Munson
Benson: Brooks Tegler
Ambassador Kelso: Joel Snyder
Prince Prigio: Nick DePinto
King Grognio: Kevin Murray
Courtiers: Mike Bernal, William R. Coughlan, Kim Davenport, Elizabeth Farrington, Tara Garwood, Bjorn Munson, Brooks Tegler
Lady Molinda: Aimee Thibert
Family Executioner: William R. Coughlan
Recorded at Tulgey Wood Studios in Deepest Springfield, Tohubohu Productions in Burke, Virginia, and other locations in Virginia, DC, and Maryland… including Hyattsville
Dialogue editing by Maurice Malde
Sound effects editing, mastering and final mixing by William R. Coughlan
Postproduction services provided by Tohubohu Productions, LLC

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