Listen Live! JAT Chat # 4 – December 2018

JAT ChatsJoin us on WERA-LP 96.7 FM just about now (4:00pm ET) as we have our fourth and final “JAT Chat” of the year.

We close our inaugural season delving deep into Quorum and giving you some bonus scenes you only heard part of!

Rated AD-PG (Audio Drama “PG”)Length: 27:54

Rated AD-PG, so parental guidance is suggested
We play some bonus scenes from Quorum, which includes some salty, but still broadcast-acceptable language.

Cast (in order of speaking)
Host: William R. Coughlan
Host: Bjorn Munson
Skitch: Mike Bernal
Peeps: Yasmin Tuazon
Jimmy Harmon: Cameron McNary
Will Archer: James E. Lewis
Drunk Cowboy: Nick DePinto
Cowgirl: Schuyler Atkins
Mr. Queen: Joel Snyder
Mr. King: Pete Papageorge
Ms. Rook: Faith Potts
Mr. Bishop: Brian Crane
Ms. Knight: Anna Labry (as Anna Fitzgerald)
Peter Sokolov: Brian Crane
Agent “Roach”: Bjorn Munson
Agent “Joshua”: William R. Coughlan
Newscaster: Bob Hurley
Recorded at Tulgey Wood Studios in Deepest Springfield
Music by Brooks Tegler
Postproduction support by Tohubohu Productions, LLC

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