James E. Lewis

James E. Lewis James E. Lewis was born and raised in Washington, D.C. Lewis has recorded over 900 audio books, appeared on numerous television shows, including a recurring role on HBO’s The Wire and principal roles on America’s Most Wanted, as well as The ID channel’s Evil Twins. He has been seen in hundreds of commercials, including national spots for Ricola, Carmax, Airhead’s Bites Candy, Medicare, Rolaids and many more. James has also appeared in several independent films, including “Euphoria,” which won a gold medal at the Houston Film Festival, “Red River,” which won a Paul Robeson award for lighting, and For Love of Liberty, which won the 2011 NAACP Award for best documentary and boasted an all-star narration cast including Halle Berry, Bill Cosby, Mel Gibson, John Travolta and Robert Duvall.

In addition, Lewis has lent his voice talents to bring to life such DC Comics characters as Green Lantern John Stewart, Nightwing, Firestorm, Jimmy Olsen and Clayface in the DC Comics audio adaption of Crisis on Infinite Earths, which won him an Audiofile Award for best ensemble cast. James won a 2011 Aurora Award and Telly Award for Best Comic Performance in the web production “I Can Live with That.” James is also the recipient of the prestigious Actors Center Award in Washington, DC. In 2009, Lewis provided over 15 character voices for Fallout 3, which to date, has won multiple awards including Best Overall RPG, Best Overall Console Game, Overall Game of the Show for E3, GamePro Magazine PC Game of the Year, Game Developer’s Choice Awards, Golden Joystick Awards, Best Xbox Game from Official Xbox Magazine, and Best PC Game from GameSpy to name a few; he also provided voices for Elder Scrolls and Street Hoops. In 2018 Lewis’ audiobook “Who Is the Black Panther” won audiobook of the year from Audiofile Magazine. In 2020 James was a silver Telly award for his work as both an actor and producer in the graphic novel “Germ Warfare.” Additionally, in 2020 James was nominated for 2 SOVAS awards for best Audiobook Narration and Best Audiobook Producer.

James Lewis is the Executive Producer for “Talktime Voiceovers,” a voiceover demo production company that also provides coaching and training. Talktime has worked with and produced demos for many of the leading talents in the DMV.

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