Imperium Encyclopedia in Depth: Reg Macorum

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Reg Macorum

Reg Macorum

Illustration by Javier Charro

(b. 388 SIY) Freighter captain with previous associations to the Zenocrate Cartel. Notable for actions in the fifth century of the Imperium relating to the Zenocrate Cartel (especially the Salatiga Incident) as well as his involvement with Walker’s Brigade during the Border Wars.

Born in the late 4th century Imperium, publicly available records of Macorum’s early life are scarce and sometimes contradictory. His birthplace was somewhere within the star systems of House Kalmar and he was orphaned at an early age. It is believed he lived on the streets of a port city in Kalmar space for a number of years.

School records show that, as of 402 SIY, he was enrolled in Mifune Military Academy on Qingdao thanks to the generosity of an unknown benefactor. Graduating from Mifune in 406, he was enrolled in one of the Imperial military “satellite colleges,” likely in the Shantung system, but was called up for active duty during the Wolverton Uprising in 409 SIY. Then, as now, students were granted partial or full scholarships based on their enlistment in Imperial military service.

Reports of Macorum’s service during the Wolverton Uprising are inconclusive, but all sources agree his actions resulted in his not returning to complete college. Macorum disappears out of public records until the 420s, when he is mentioned several times in dispatches related to General Tomas Arkady Walker and his brigade of “Red Beret” mercenaries.

It is believed that Macorum served in Walker’s Brigade throughout the Border Wars, including the decisive assault on Masshad as well as the celebrated retreat of House Malde forces during the siege of Urmia. Records indicate he reached the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in Walker’s organization and was responsible for much of the training of soldiers the mercenary outfit conducted later during that conflict.

There are little to no records of Macorum for several decades after the Border Wars until the 460s, when his name appears in relation to flight plans filed for the freighter Silver Star, a vessel that has since been connected to the Zenocrate Cartel. Both Reg Macorum and the Silver Star are mentioned in accounts of the Salatiga Incident of 469. No previous account of Macorum traveling in Coutharian space exists.


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