Special Ides of March Update

We’re fans of Scriptnotes, so when we heard a recent episode about how they approach outlines and treatments, we decided that our Patreon bonus content for this month would be a chat about how we write scripts here at Jabberwocky Audio Theater. That joins over 20 pieces of bonus goodies our Patrons enjoy as a thank you for helping keep us on the air.

For those of you listening in to the podfeed, we dropped another one of our off-season JAT Jots. In this one, we actually explain the inspiration behind the Rogue Tyger character Lady Shohreh. Some of you may have already figured it out, but there is a twist!

Finally, for those of you who are subscribed to our mailing list, you’ll start seeing some links to some indie creators you might want to check out while you avoid large gatherings. It’s not just for Caesars any more!

Mythology, Mind’s Eye, and JAT

We’re deep into pre-production for our 2020 season starting in May. We’ll be starting with more entries in our anthology series Through the Looking Glass.

Like a lot of kids, my brothers and I were into mythology. And we didn’t just stop with the standard Greek, Egyptian, Norse myths a lot of people are exposed to either. Thanks to our parents –and a fortuitous global mythology series being published at the time– we learned about folklore from all different parts of the globe.

There’s another shelf with a lot more fairy tale books. And I group Yeats with mythology for reasons.

For those of you who support us on Patreon, check out this post and learn more about some of the mythology and folklore that influences the series, a little more about The Mind’s Eye radio company, and weigh in on what stories you’d like to hear both this year and in future years! Thanks for your support.

Bjorn Munson
Artistic Director
Jabberwocky Audio Theater

Our Patreon Campaign is Now Live!

Eagle-eyed visitors to the web site might have noticed that we’ve added a “Support” section yesterday, but we wanted to be sure you all knew that our Patreon campaign has launched.

Every dollar we get from funds raised goes towards operational costs to keep us on the air (both actual and virtual).

As an added bonus, Patrons will get exclusive content on the Patreon feed… and some early access to some of our work, like being able to listen online to new episodes on Sunday evenings, starting tonight!