Imperium Encyclopedia in Depth: Shen Enling

If you’ve been enjoying Rogue Tyger, have you checked out the Encyclopedia of the Imperium yet? It’s the definitive source for the history of the Seven Systems and the greater Imperium. 

Shen Enling

Illustration by Javier Charro

(b. 436 SIY) Medical doctor and xenoanthropologist associated with Reg Macorum and the freighter Tyger.

Shen Enllng was born in the 5th century to well-to-do parents in the core system of Shantung. She was educated at a series of private schools in her youth, eventually attending Gunung Merbabu Imperial University, where she studied at both the Sun Yat-sen Medical School and the College of Applied Social Sciences.

Upon graduation with both an X.M.D. and PhD in Xenoanthropology, Dr. Shen did her residency at the Accident and Emergency ward of Batori General Hospital, near the famed Batori shipyards. Records show she continued in the emergency departments and as a hospitalist at several facilities on Batori until she took a post at a Flatrock free clinic in 466. Her name begins to appear in flight plans filed by the freighter Tyger around 471 SIY.

Note: this entry will be updated with events from 473 SIY onward after reviewing newly acquired historical documents.

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