Imperium Encyclopedia in Depth: Aidan Vosky

If you’ve been enjoying Rogue Tyger, have you checked out the Encyclopedia of the Imperium yet? It’s the definitive source for the history of the Seven Systems and the greater Imperium. 

Aidan Vosky

Illustration by Javier Charro

(b. 452 SIY) Spacer associated with Reg Macorum and the freighter Tyger.

Aidan Vosky was born in the mid-5th century on Haapsalu 3, then part of the holdings of House Kalmar. The only son of Imperial naval officer Andrei Vosky, Aidan attended Haanja Preparatory Academy, the local secondary school affiliated with the Imperial Academy system. After finishing at Haanja in 470, records show Aidan Vosky attended Uusküla Technical School where he graduated in 472 SIY with Class 1 certifications in avionics, coolant systems, and FTL maintenance.

His name appears as part of the crew filed by the freighter Tyger departing the port of Muuga on Haapsalu 3 in 473 SIY.

Note: this entry will be updated with events from 473 SIY onward after reviewing newly acquired historical documents.

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