Listen Live! War of the Worlds, 2018

Join us on WERA-LP 96.7 FM just about now at a special time (2:00pm ET) for a rebroadcast of the live performance celebrating the 80th anniversary of the famous Mercury Theater of the Air production of War of the Worlds.

Happy Halloween!

H.G. Wells’ classic “War of the Worlds” gets a Jabberwocky update as we tune in to a special radio broadcast in October 2018 learning of mysterious power outages and “seismic activity” in the Washington, DC area. Could this be related to strange gas eruptions on the planet Mars?

Cast (in order of speaking):

Announcer: William R. Coughlan
Narrator: Brooks Tegler
Bob Fredericks, WERA-LP Anchor: Steve Ray
Dana Lavelle, Traffic Reporter: Anna Coughlan
Lisa Howes, Weather Reporter: Yasmin Tuazon
Eddie Shaw, WQVA Reporter: Keith Waters
Dave Phillips, WQVA Recording Engineer: Bjorn Munson
Dr. Isabella Perrotin: Carol McCaffrey
National Guard Sergeant: Bjorn Munson
Brigadier General Lawrence Marvin, VA National Guard: Brooks Tegler
Captain McBride, U.S. Army Signal Corps: Keith Waters
Artilleryman: William R. Coughlan
De Soto, Artillery Officer: Nick DePinto
Warthog Lead: Brooks Tegler
Warthog Four: Yasmin Tuazon
Warthog Three: Nick DePinto
Man: Steve Ray


Recorded live at the Gaylord Convention Center in National Harbor as part of Escape Velocity 2018
Music was composed by John Maestri
Sound Patterns by Heff Munson
Live sound recording and mixing and post-production mix by Antonio Villaronga
Written and directed by Bjorn Munson, based on the novel by H.G. Wells

Listen to the Episode Live!

Length: 49:25
Rated AD-PG, parental guidance suggested. Contains scenes of mass destruction and sci-fi violence, including people being incinerated by heat rays, suffocated by poison gas, and, in one case, impaled. I mean, the Martians really aren’t trying to be good neighbors.

Rated AD-PG (Audio Drama 'PG')
Rating: AD-PG

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