Listen Live! Rogue Tyger – Episode 11: Uninvited Guests, Part 1 of 5

Join us on WERA-LP 96.7 FM just about now (4:00pm ET)  as we start the third and final serial of Rogue Tyger, season one.

First up will be last week’s episode where the crew concluded their adventures on Flatrock, next it’s off into the unknown (well, kind of known) with “Uninvited Guests.”

Rogue Tyger cover by William R. CoughlanTaking leave of the intrigue of Flatrock, the Tyger crew travels far off the beaten path in search of riches. Will they find what they’re looking for in the seemingly deserted star system of Russahn?




Cast (in order of speaking):

Announcer: William R. Coughlan
Aidan Vosky: Nick DePinto
Grainne Kochowa: Erin Goldstein
Reg Macorum: Brooks Tegler
Shen Enling: Yasmin Tuazon
Tormar: Phil Amico


Recorded at Big Ben Studios by Matt Bostaph.
Music was composed by John Maestri and arranged by Jason Chmiola.
Supplemental Recording at Tohubohu Productions in Burke, Virginia.
Dialogue editing by Maurice Malde.
Sound effects editing by William R. Coughlan.
Written and directed by Bjorn Munson.

Listen to the Episode Live!

Length: 11:44
Rated AD-G for general audiences. Contains anxiety about science fiction tropes involving abandoned ships.

Rated AD-G (Audio Drama 'G')
Rating: AD-G

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