Listen Online! JAT Chat # 1

JAT ChatsWe’re happy to kick off our inaugural season on WERA-LP 96.7FM. You can listen to our shows live every Sunday at 4pm and catch it again here in podcast form Thursdays at 9pm.

This week, we do the first of what will be periodic “JAT Chats.” In this episode, we talk about some of the reasons we’re doing audio theater and the influences behind Rogue Tyger.

And don’t forget, Rogue Tyger, our debut show, kicks off this coming Sunday, June 17th at 4pm!


Rated AD-G (Audio Drama “G”)Length: 9:50

Rated AD-G for general audiences
Come on, it’s just two people talking. We’re doing this for rating completeness.

Cast (in order of speaking)
Host: Bjorn Munson
Host: William R. Coughlan
Recorded at Tulgey Wood Studios in Deepest Springfield
Music by John Maestri
Postproduction support by Tohubohu Productions, LLC

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