Listen Online! JAT Chat # 2: September 2018

With season one of Rogue Tyger finished, Bjorn and Bill talk at length about the making of the series including the characters, how some of the sound effects were created. We also touch on next week’s special broadcast of War of the Worlds.


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Listen Live! JAT Chat # 2 – September 2018

Join us on WERA-LP 96.7 FM just about now (4:00pm ET)  we have our second “JAT Chat.”

With season one of Rogue Tyger finished, Bjorn and Bill talk at length about the making of the series including the characters, how some of the sound effects were created. We also touch on next week’s special broadcast of War of the Worlds.


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Length: 25:16
Rated AD-G for general audiences. We’re just talking. I mean, Bjorn does use the phrase “Wesley Crusher with balls,” but it’s appropriate.

Rated AD-G (Audio Drama 'G')
Rating: AD-G

Delia Derbyshire and the Doctor Who Theme

A good theme song gets you into the mood for the show ahead. We love John Maestri’s theme for Rogue Tyger to that end.

What with the current Doctor Who sweepstakes we’re supporting, we thought of the memorable Doctor Who theme in all its incarnations over the decades.

Josh Jones over at Open Culture has a nice piece linking to some videos which gives you some of the background on the creation of the original theme — along with a montage of all the variations of the theme.

We’re looking forward to see how they’re going to adjust the theme for the newest Doctor.

In the meantime, if you like the idea of winning $250 worth of Doctor Who swag, the sweepstakes closes this coming Tuesday, July 17th.

Doctor Who Giveaway!

In case some of you haven’t listened to JAT Chat #1, one of the influences for the format of Rogue Tyger and its cliffhanger endings was the classic Doctor Who serials.

So when the opportunity came to team up with a bunch of other indie creators for a Doctor Who sweepstakes, we said yes! We’re lovers of Doctor Who in one form or another and it’s found a way into our writing. We are also all looking to find new readers (or in our case, listeners), so that’s our insidious master plan. Nothing like the Daleks.

To sign up, go ahead and visit this site before July 17th.

Listen Online! JAT Chat # 1

We’re happy to kick off our inaugural season on WERA-LP 96.7FM. You can listen to our shows live every Sunday at 4pm and catch it again here in podcast form Thursdays at 9pm.

This week, we do the first of what will be periodic “JAT Chats.” In this episode, we talk about some of the reasons we’re doing audio theater and the influences behind Rogue Tyger.

Listen to the episode!

Length: 9:49
Rated AD-G for general audiences. Come on, it’s just two people talking. We’re doing this for rating completeness.

Rating: AD-G

Rated AD-G (Audio Drama 'G')





And don’t forget, Rogue Tyger, our debut show, kicks off this coming Sunday, June 17th at 4pm!

Tune in to Jabberwocky Audio Theater starting Sunday, June 10th!

Okay, so we’ve mentioned some of this before, but because we absolutely want anyone and everyone to know, Jabberwocky Audio Theater will be on the actual broadcast airwaves starting Sunday, June 10th at 4pm Eastern Time.

If you’re in the DC metropolitan area, you just might be able to tune into WERA-LP 96.7 FM and hear us each Sunday. It’ll work best in Arlington, Virginia, but we’ve tested the signal around the area and it goes pretty far.

For those of you not in the region, the episodes will be available later in the week on our podcast feed.

The game plan is to start with season one of Rogue Tyger, take a nice, relaxing break destroying the planet with War of the Worlds, and finish up the year with the first installment of Quorum.

In between the runs of those shows, we’ll have a chance to give you some behind-the-scenes listens about the inspiration and making of the episodes as well as answer some of your questions (assuming you all have questions).

We look forward to you joining us on the journey. Adventure awaits!

We’re Back! Sort of.

That nice gentleman in the floppy hat and scarf has got us up and running. He said we had a problem with our chameleon circuit, which is weird, because we thought the Chameleon was full of circuits, not just one.

Anyway, that means our overall site appearance may have changed from what you recall previously. In fact, the fix appears to have destroyed the site in favor of its new matrix. This has very much upset our ship’s doctor.

In other news, we apparently have a ship’s doctor.

Still, we can’t help but feel somewhat out of place… and maybe out of time. We’re going to sort out where and when we are and forge ahead… unless we need to forge behind.

Do any of you understand Heptapod B?


Still a few bugs in the system

We know the space-time problems –preventing the proper display of the last few episodes of Rogue Tyger— have really gotten out of hand.

A nice man in a scarf has offered to help. Apparently he’s dealt with this sort of thing before. He just needs to get some tools out of this blue shed of his and we’ll be right as rain.

Welcome Yule!

Today is the Winter Solstice for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere. It’s the shortest day and the longest night — and the herald of the new year to come.

Writer Susan Cooper composed a poem entitled The Shortest Day for the Revels, a holiday tradition throughout many American cities. Both capture the day and the season quite well. Please feel free to check them out if you haven’t before.

And in any case, we here at JAT wish you and your loved ones well in this season and in the year ahead.

Listen to the Episode! (audiovisual streaming by Team Jabberwocky)

Music: Kevin MacLeod (from the traditional tune “Minuit, chrétiens!” (“O Holy Night”) by Adolphe Adam)
Length: 2:07
Rating: AD-G

Rated AD-G (Audio Drama 'G')