The Worst Derelict Spaceships to Board

We didn’t get the idea of a crew boarding a derelict spaceship in a vacuum — wait, that didn’t come out right…

Our live production of Nostromo 2: Electric Alien Boogaloo is based on the many tales of crews exploring derelict spacecraft, which inevitably leads to mayhem.

Well the folks over at Generation Films know all about this kind of mayhem, so they’ve compiled a list of ships you should definitely not board (as well as some other safety tips).

Warning, this will have spoilers for

  • The film Ad Astra
  • The TV series The Expanse
  • The video game Dead Space
  • The film Sunshine
  • The film Alien
  • The film Predators
  • The film Event Horizon
  • The film Pandorum

We’re still bummed we don’t get to do another live show like Nostromo 2 this year, but we’ll see about the future.

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