We’re in the “finals” for the People’s Choice Podcast Awards. Please Vote!

We were pleased to learn that Jabberwocky Audio Theater made the final nominee slate for the People’s Choice Podcast Awards in the “Storyteller – Drama” category.

For those of you who don’t know, these are among the oldest podcast awards out there (it’s their 15th year), and the competition to get into this final slate of nominees is fierce. 

Out of 800 shows and close to 500,000 listeners across all categories, we made the cut. And I’m given to understand that there may have been as many as 50–60 podcasts angling for a nomination in the “Storyteller – Drama” category alone.

So making the slate is an honor in and of itself.

Of course, some of you must know about the People’s Choice Podcast Awards, because otherwise we wouldn’t have been nominated.

BUT the final voting is underway now through Sunday, September 13th, so if you haven’t voted already, you can register on their site and vote — and thank you for your support!

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