JAT Company Update: September 2020

This year has been quite a decade so far, hasn’t it?

We thought we had a good game plan for our theater company dealing with COVID, since our first main production could be recorded remotely and we weren’t planning to air the next production until October… which is now next month!

So there are some schedule changes we have in the works. Our production of “Prince Prigio” will finish out September, we’ll have some new stories for Through a Glass, Darkly, and then, at least on the airwaves, we’ll have rebroadcasts of Rogue Tyger.

Also, given some of the queries, feedback, and website traffic we’ve received regarding our discussion of The Mind’s Eye, the audio theater group that produced lots of wonderful productions in the 1970s and ’80s, we’re looking into creating an online home for some of this knowledge. (Wikipedia, as many of you know, likes their Wikipedians to cite online research, not originate research.)

So, if you’re not already signed up for our mailing list, consider that. And of course, if you think you’d be up for supporting us via Patreon, we would appreciate that greatly.

That’s also where you’ll get an expanded version of this update.

We hope you all are staying safe and staying creative.

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