How will the Current Strikes Impact Audio Fiction?

WGA/AMPTP StrikeDepending on how closely you follow the news, you may know that both the Writers Guild of America (WGA) and Screen Actors Guild/American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA) are on strike for better pay and working conditions.

For Jabberwocky Audio Theater, you’ve heard members of SAG-AFTRA in just about all of our productions and, if all goes well, you will continue to do so. That’s because SAG-AFTRA is striking with the big studios (represented by an industry group known as AMPTP). For many indie producers who agree to SAG-AFTRA’s terms (the terms SAG-AFTRA would like the big studios to agree to), they can move ahead.

SAG-AFTRA has been offering a series of low-budget agreements to work with indie and student filmmakers for over a decade. In that vein, they’ve also recently created a series of low-budget agreements for podcasts — and the next Jabberwocky production will be under one of those agreements.

We’re hoping for a resolution to the strikes soon.

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