Summer Reading Giveaway: Inspiration and The Expanse

As mentioned yesterday, we’re joining forces with a bunch of other creators for a Summer Reading Giveaway, which, just like us, is focused on science fiction and fantasy.

Leviathan WakesOne of the things I like to do, when we all make suggestions on what goes into the gift package, is to pick items that I’d really love to get for myself.

Now, since it’s all about books, one of the books in the bundle someone will win includes Leviathan Wakes, the first of what is currently eight novels, with a ninth slated for next year.

The authors (James S.A. Corey is a pen name for Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck) give us a sprawling, yet ultimately human story of Earth beginning to move beyond its home into the solar system.

I know this because of being an avid watcher and fan of the TV series which started on SyFy and has, thankfully, been picked up by Amazon. It’s my plan, whenever the series ends, to start the novel series and then enjoy the story all over again from a new angle.

Although Rogue Tyger is far more fantastical than the pervading hard sci-fi elements on display in The Expanse show (they are very aware of gravity and real-life physics, for two examples), the characters and the larger actions of the society around them are definitely inspirations. There’s also a character we’ll meet in the season two finale of Rogue Tyger that I named back in 2010 for an actor who now appears in The Expanse. I feel vindicated and I love whenever I see ’em on screen. You’ll know it when you hear their name.

Anyway, if you were to win the summer book bundle, perhaps your interplanetary journey with the crew of the Rocinante could begin now. Remember, the giveaway only lasts until July 12th.

Bjorn Munson, Jabberwocky Audio Theater

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