The Many Voices in <em>Alice</em>

One of the reasons we’re so keen to do an adaptation (maybe a couple of adaptions) of the Alice books is because we know our company of actors will dive into the various voices with relish.

Cheshire CatSo even if we hold off on the musical version of Alice in Wonderland we talked about yesterday, we know we could have no end of fun with characters like the Mad Hatter, the Cheshire Cat, and so many additional characters that are often cut from the feature film adaptions. (The books can be quite episodic, which we think will lend itself to an audio mini-series.)

Of course, there are all the visuals we don’t get, but rewatching the various films as we got ready for the Alice in Wonderland giveaway, I really enjoyed Sterling Holloway’s take on the Cheshire Cat. I know he’s most often thought of as the voice of Winnie-the-Pooh, but his distinctive voice is just right in all sorts of roles.

Of course, the modern Tim Burton films are so visual effects-heavy that they’re almost animated films in and of themselves… and again, they have some great vocal talent. Listen, for example, to the oft-underrated, never duplicated Christopher Lee as the Jabberwock:

I should mention that all three of the films are part of the giveaway we’re running, which ends this Friday, so certainly sign up if you’re feeling a little mad.

Bjorn Munson, Artistic Director

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