“Prince Prigio” Receives Multiple TIVA Awards

2020 was a transformative year for us as we needed to adapt to trying to do large cast audio dramas remotely (preferring the old school everyone-in-the-same-room approach has served us well). Our first large-scale attempt at this was with a six-part adaptation of “Prince Prigio” for our anthology series Through the Looking Glass.

We’re pleased to announce that the cast and crew’s hard work has been recognized as we received not one, but three TIVA Peer Awards at this year’s ceremony:

  • Peer Bronze: Web Series (Through the Looking Glass)
  • Peer Silver: Acting Voice Over – Audio Narration, Male (Bjorn Munson)
  • Peer Gold: Sound Mixing (William R. Coughlan)

Rogue Tyger Gets NJ Web Fest Noms

Last month, we learned that our space opera show, Rogue Tyger, was part of the New Jersey Web Fest’s inaugural slate of nominees.

Just yesterday, we were pleased to learn that Rogue Tyger has received nominations in five categories:

  • Best Supporting Performance (Yasmin Tuazon)
  • Best Director (Bjorn Munson)
  • Best Editing – Narrative Fiction (William R. Coughlan, Maurice Malde)
  • Outstanding Family-Friendly Fiction Podcast
  • Outstanding Science Fiction Podcast

Congratulations to all the cast and crew on the nominations!

For Your Consideration: Nominate Jabberwocky Audio Theater for the People’s Choice Podcast Awards

Earlier this week, we mentioned that one of our shows has been accepted into this year’s New Jersey Web Festival. Besides meeting other creators, festivals and competitions –quite frankly– help get the word out.

Well, now it’s time to nominate podcasts for the 16th Annual People’s Choice Podcast Awards.

Some of you may remember that we were one of the finalists in the “Storyteller & Drama” category last year, which did lead to a lot more listeners — and some media attention. This year, we’re looking to get nominated in both that category and the new “Fiction” category.

But we need your help!

True to its name, the awards depend on nominations in all the categories — and to do so, you’ll need to register on their site. Once you’ve done that, you can nominate podcasts, including, we hope, Jabberwocky Audio Theater.

If we’re among the top 10 nominated podcasts in a category, we get into that coveted slate of finalists.

Then, in August, a random selection of the many thousands of the registered listeners vote on that final slate.

But for you to be able to vote and for us to be able to get in, you need to register and nominate before July 31st!

Thanks for your support!

Rogue Tyger Accepted to the New Jersey Web Festival

This year, as with every year, we’ve submitted our various shows to various festivals and audio awards and this past Friday, we learned that Rogue Tyger has the honor of being part of the New Jersey Web Fest’s inaugural slate Fiction Podcast nominees.

The festival will be revealing the exact categories all of the shows are nominated in later this summer, but the festival itself will be September 17 – 19, 2021 in, as you likely guessed. New Jersey. Perhaps we’ll see you there!

We’re in the “finals” for the People’s Choice Podcast Awards. Please Vote!

We were pleased to learn that Jabberwocky Audio Theater made the final nominee slate for the People’s Choice Podcast Awards in the “Storyteller – Drama” category.

For those of you who don’t know, these are among the oldest podcast awards out there (it’s their 15th year) and the competition to get into this final slate of nominees is fierce. 

Out of 800 shows and close to 500,000 listeners across all categories, we made the cut. And I’m given to understand that there may have been as many as 50-60 podcasts angling for a nomination in the “Storyteller – Drama” alone.

So making the slate is an honor in and of itself.

Of course, some of you must know about the People’s Choice Podcast Awards, because otherwise we wouldn’t have been nominated.

BUT, the final voting is underway now through Sunday, September 13th, so if you haven’t voted already, you can register on their site and vote — and thank you for your support!