For Your Consideration: Nominate Jabberwocky Audio Theater for the People’s Choice Podcast Awards

Earlier this week, we mentioned that one of our shows has been accepted into this year’s New Jersey Web Festival. Besides meeting other creators, festivals and competitions — quite frankly — help get the word out.

Well, now it’s time to nominate podcasts for the 16th Annual People’s Choice Podcast Awards.

Some of you may remember that we were one of the finalists in the “Storyteller & Drama” category last year, which did lead to a lot more listeners — and some media attention. This year, we’re looking to get nominated in both that category and the new “Fiction” category.

But we need your help!

True to its name, the awards depend on nominations in all the categories — and to do so, you’ll need to register on their site. Once you’ve done that, you can nominate podcasts, including, we hope, Jabberwocky Audio Theater.

If we’re among the top 10 nominated podcasts in a category, we get into that coveted slate of finalists.

Then, in August, a random selection of the many thousands of the registered listeners vote on that final slate.

But for you to be able to vote and for us to be able to get in, you need to register and nominate before July 31st!

Thanks for your support!

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