A Pause from Boldly Going

If you’re one of our patrons on Patreon, you’ll know all the different influences that go into making our shows, many of which come from vintage radio and film.

Bjorn Munson also has a frankly disturbing zeal for Star Trek, so he made sure to share this mash-up of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds and a retro opening with all of us here at Tulgey Wood Studios.

One of the things we’ve talked about is how this particular Trek incarnation manages to be modern, yet really captures some of the energy of the original ’60s series that started it all. In our own way, that’s what we’re trying to do with our series here at Jabberwocky: taking inspiration from ripping yarns of yore, but make them modern (it’ll be a while before we try a musical episode, though).

Strange New Worlds recently completed its second season, and, sadly due to the current Hollywood strikes, the next season may not premiere until 2025. That means our Thursday diversions must take a pause… though we do look forward to bringing you all new episodes Thursdays at 9pm ET well before 2025. Keep watching the skies!

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