Listen Online! Through the Looking Glass – Episode 9: “Cinderella”

CinderellaThe iconic French version of a fairy tale which has variants going back centuries in many parts of the world. Don’t worry: this has all the quality step-family shenanigans you’re seeking.


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Rated AD-G (Audio Drama “G”)Length: 21:53

Rated AD-G for general audiences
Contains thoughtless stepsisters and a rather cavalier attitude towards transmogrifying rodentia to be used as servants, but other than that, it’s pretty untroubling.

Cast (in order of speaking)
Announcer: Kim Davenport
Jasmine Curry
Recorded at the Room of Requirement
Supplemental recording at Tulgey Wood Studios in Deepest Springfield
Dialogue editing by Maurice Malde
Sound effects editing, mastering and final mixing by William R. Coughlan
Postproduction services provided by Tohubohu Productions, LLC
Additional Notes

Discussion topics:

  1. At what point do you think you would Kirk out and just give a flying leg kick to the stepsisters?
  2. Did you know that rats can have beards? How does this change your worldview?
  3. How does the villainy of the stepmother and stepsisters in this tale compare to the Disney animated version? How much does the villainous cat add to the animated version?

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