Rogue Tyger Show Notes: “The End Run”

Rogue TygerThis month, we’re diving into the sixth Rogue Tyger serial “The End Run” and sharing show notes about the thought behind and making of that season two finale.

Bjorn Munson, writer/director, Rogue Tyger

Season Finales and Payoff

At this point, I had been furiously writing scripts for about a year and a half, catching up to my outlines and notes in order to meet recording dates, so the urgency you hear is real.

The characters’ snark, especially Aidan’s, I credit to working on a less-than-desirable-yet-financially-necessary contract job. Working on this series has been a delight, but in this case, it was a vital creative outlet.

In any case, one of my goals for this finale — which if you recall was originally meant to be the final serial of a 30-episode season — was to give the audience payoff. So that meant having some of the intrigue we’d heard in “Flatrock,” some of the ship action we’d heard in “Uninvited Guests” and “Cat & Mouse” and some character arcs being fulfilled. 

I knew I had to have that scene between Reg and Aidan, for example. The nice thing was, on this side of time as it were, I now knew better how Brooks and Nick would and could play it. It was important to me that Aidan initiate the conversation, showing where he had come to at this part. It was also important to show that even though you see Reg through the serial get excited at actually winning rather than surviving, he still doesn’t quite know how to be comfortable being victorious. Both have grown, but are still on their own trajectories.

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