Rogue Tyger Show Notes: “Cat & Mouse”

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Originally Multiple Filmmaker Cameos Were Planned

Back when I was doing the high-level plotting for the 30-episode season, I thought it would be fun to involve a bunch of the indie filmmakers and others I had worked with. That’s why in episode two, you hear Reg talk about the different captains with some specificity. I had created backstories and personality traits for each of the captains you hear him reference. Originally, the serial was going to revolve around him playing the Zenocrate captains off one another to make his escape. The action would bounce between multiple ship bridges as the audience heard the disparity between what a particular ship thought was true and what was really happening.

As I was writing out the script — and certainly after recording “Uninvited Guests” — I decided that all the different ships and their subplots were going to be more complicated than we could pull off. There was both the limiting factor of the 15-minute episodes (which was what I was I was aiming for) as well as making sure audio listeners could distinguish between all the different bridges.

The Border Wars

One of the benefits of not trying to cram all the different maneuvering between the Zenocrate captains was that I was able to spend more time setting up both character backstories and the history of the Imperium.

One of these empire-wide events, and certainly a formative one for Reg Macorum, was a series of conflicts that came to be known as “The Border Wars.”

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