Show Notes for “Nostromo 2: Electric Alien Boogaloo”

Nostromo 2: Electric Alien BoogalooFor every show, the writer and director (or currently, the writer-director) provides notes to the cast on real or fictional world backstory, how to pronounce things, and frequently some of the references made in dialogue. This was the same for our latest live production, Nostromo 2: Electric Alien Boogaloo.

I love to sprinkle my work with sci-fi and other references, often based on my research for that particular script. Since this was both a comedy and being performed for a sci-fi convention audience, I felt free to put in as many references as I could. In fact, while it’s not in our broadcast/podcast recording, I did warn the audience not to try and take a drink of an adult beverage every time they heard a sci-fi reference lest they die of alcohol poisoning.

Bjorn Munson, writer/director

Show Notes

(Title) Nostromo is the name of the cargo ship in Alien, which is in turn named for a Joseph Conrad novel where the main character succumbs to greed and dies because of it.

(Title) Electric Alien Boogaloo comes from Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo, a rushed sequel to the ’80s breakdancing film Breakin’.

The rest of the notes are a special extra bit of content for our backers on Patreon!

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