Behind Rogue Tyger, Episode 5: Erin Goldstein

Rogue TygerWe’re continuing our series of interviews with cast members of Rogue Tyger, our first series, due to debut in January.

We should note that if you’d like to come to the series fresh, you can always come back and listen to these interviews later. They’re certainly not necessary to understand the story. We just think they’re fun.

As we close out December, we come to the last member of the Tyger’s crew, Grainne Kochowa, and the person who plays her: Erin Goldstein.

Rated AD-G (Audio Drama “G”)Length: 6:48

Rated AD-G for general audiences

Cast (in order of speaking)
Interviewer: Kim Davenport
Guest: Erin Goldstein
Music by Kevin MacLeod

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