Nostromo 2 Profile: Antonio Villaronga

Antonio Villaronga

Antonio Villaronga
Audio Engineering
Antonio Villaronga is a Music Composer, Sound Engineer, and Film/Video Producer and Editor in the DC metro area. His work can be seen and heard in several independent films and cable TV shows.

Antonio is the producer and engineer for “Voices From The DMV,” a weekly radio show airing on WERA 96.7 FM which showcases local DC-area music. He is also a sound engineer for several other radio programs and podcasts on WERA.

Currently, Antonio is an instructor for various media courses at Arlington Independent Media, including classes on audio production, video/TV production, and editing.

Nostromo 2 Profile: Elizabeth Farrington

Elizabeth Farrington
Nostromo Computer, Zombie, Nostromo Backup Computer

Elizabeth Farrington is a vocalist who recently made the jump into voice acting and independent film production, courtesy of Jabberwocky Audio Theatre, Tohubohu Productions, and the 48 Hour Film Festival.

A Native New Yorker who relocated to the D.C. area in 2015, (by way of several other states), she has performed at the Spanish Ballroom at Glen Echo, the DC Marriott, the Cathedral Choral Society’s Gala Anniversary, as well as for the Stage Alive Concert Association, and other small venues.

Obsessed with singing since childhood, she studied piano, voice, and guitar. After a few years of High School musical theatre productions, choral competitions, and more voice training, she attended S.U.N.Y. at Fredonia, where she studied music, art, and dance, culminating in a degree in Creative Arts Therapy in 1982 and an amplified interest in recording and musical performance.

From there she made the move to Manhattan and worked as a pop/rock guitarist, front person, and studio performer for independent projects. 

She now focuses on her true passion, the music of the 1920s-40s; specifically, the female voices of that time.

Her film credits include “The Rest of Your Life” (2017), “Believe Me” (2017), “The Least Among Us” (2017), “Meant To Be Broken” (2018), and “Bombshell” (2018)

When not annoying people with her ukuleles and an extensive repertoire of catchy novelty songs from the 1920s, you can usually find her quietly at home with her beloved mate and two little senior rescue mutts, watching birds and growing stuff.

Nostromo 2 Profile: Bjorn Munson

Bjorn Munson
Buddy, Super-Racketeer, Warranty Guy, Sound Patterns, Writer/Director

Bjorn Munson, a lifelong fan of vintage radio, serves as the Artistic Director of Jabberwocky Audio Theater and also directed last year’s live production, an adaptation of War of the Worlds. He is very excited that the troupe gets to tackle comedy at long last, especially sci-fi inspired comedy (he’s a fan of both Galaxy Quest and Red Dwarf).

In addition to working on audio theater, Bjorn is also an award-winning filmmaker, including for the shorts “DeLeon Crossing” and “The Writer’s Dilemma” as well as the web series The Broken Continent. His company, Team Jabberwocky, also supports local and regional casting with the annual Stonehenge Auditions as well as the online casting resource Stonehenge Casting.

Nostromo 2 Profile: Brooks Tegler

Brooks Tegler

Brooks Tegler
Captain Anthony William “Chuck” Codgers, DPS Announcer

Brooks Tegler is an actor, voice actor, writer, and WW1-WW2 historian and reenactor — with a special area of focus on the USAAF and RAF of WW2. He has also been a professional jazz musician, band leader, and recording artist for several decades.

Nostromo 2 Profile: William R. Coughlan

William R. Coughlan

William R. Coughlan
Announcer, Chief Howard Huer, Faux Voice 1, Sound Patterns

William R. Coughlan is an award-winning screenwriter and director, and in addition to serving as Associate Artistic Director of Jabberwocky Audio Theater, he is the founder of the independent production company Tohubohu Productions, LLC.

He worked for 26 years with The Advisory Board Company in Washington, D.C., where he began as a graphic designer before segueing into video and multimedia, and then eventually into the ranks of creative department management. In addition, he serves on the Board of Directors for TIVA, the Television, Internet, and Video Association of DC, Inc., filling the roles of Treasurer and Vice President before stepping up as President in 2018.

He also enjoys acting, voiceover performance, design and illustration, editing, animation, and writing autobiographical comments in the third person. He is the illustrator of the therapeutic workbook Stories for Children with Problems & Wishes, has provided schematic graphics for several HBS case studies, designed the acclaimed Protégé clay poker chip line, served as the Critic at Large for the online literary magazine Inkblots, has been a judge for both the TIVA Peer Awards and the Emmy Awards, founded and co-hosted the long-running Tohubohu Producer Podcast, and is an accomplished animator and ambigram artist.

Nostromo 2 Profile: Nick DePinto

Nick DePinto
Nick DePinto

Nick DePinto
Specialist, not-Lieutenant, Dhan

Nick DePinto is an American actor. He is known mostly for his stage work and his facility with a wide range of vivid characters across many periods & styles. He is also a musician, songwriter & visual artist. He has performed on two continents in three separate nations and toured the USA extensively earning a Wilde Award for his portrayal of Abe Steinman in The Kentucky Cycle anda Helen Hayes Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor in Washington DC. Nick is the host of the Customs & Border Protection video shown at all major ports of entry into the USA. He originated the role of Jack in Live Broadcast, a play published by Samuel French & written by John William Shiffbauer and is the voice of the Marvel X-Men character Colossus for Graphic Audio. When not working Nick likes to write songs, play music with his bands, paint, take photographs & do Vulcan impersonations for the delight of others.

Nostromo 2 Profile: Kevin Murray

Kevin Murray

Kevin Murray
Specialist Karl, Fred Waltham, Faux Voice 2, Alternate Computer, Self-Important Schmuck

Kevin Murray is best known for his appearances in feature films such as Aftermath and Runaway Bride, independent films, major TV shows (House of Cards, Veep, The Wire, Homicide) and made-for-TV movies. With a primary focus on film and television, he works as an actor, teacher, acting coach and arts education advocate. He has appeared in scores of plays and, as a theater producer and casting director, has championed new work in both theater and film. He enjoys sharing his experiences and knowledge of the industry with the film and theater students at George Mason University’s School of Theater, where he serves on the Performance Faculty.

Able to portray a variety of characters from comedic to serious, blue collar to white collar, politicians, professors, dads, government agents, serial killers, and everything in between, Kevin has had the pleasure to work with major names in the industry, including Arnold Schwarzenegger, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Richard Gere, Julia Roberts, Joan Cusack, Dominic West, Shawn Hatosy, Andre Braugher, and directors Garry Marshall, Joel Shumacher and Eduardo Sanchez. 

Nostromo 2 Profile: Belen Pifel

Belen Pifel

Belen Pifel
Colonel Tess Ripperton

Belen is excited to make her Jabberwocky Audio debut with Nostromo 2: Electric Alien Boogaloo.  Ms. Pifel’s recent previous stage credits include: The Keegan Theatre:  “August: Osage County” (Ivy Weston), “The Best Man” (Catherine), “Golden Boy” (Lewis); First Stage: “Three Days of Rain” (Nan/Lina), “Pig Farm” (Tina). Recent film credits include: Tohubohu Productions: “Green House” (Laura), “Uncertainty Principle” (Julie); Two Meter Films: “Dinner at Eight” (Jennifer).  Belen can currently be seen performing in the DC area and beyond with her two bands, The Highballers (rock/alt-country) and Hollertown (bluegrass). 

Space Opera Done Silly

As mentioned earlier today, we’ll be appearing at this year’s Escape Velocity on Memorial Day weekend.

Last year, we did an adaptation of H.G. Wells’ classic War of the Worlds since it was the 80th anniversary of Orson Welles’ 1938 radio broadcast. It was great fun to update a radio adaptation to the present day and set it in and around Washington, DC.

This year, we were asked to once again pick a known work (as opposed to something original like Rogue Tyger or Quorum). However, the organizers also said that parody was an option and it’s the 40th anniversary of both the original Alien and the TV show Buck Rogers in the 25th Century

Ladies and gentlemen –and assorted aliens– get ready for
Nostromo 2: Electric Alien Boogaloo (featuring Chuck Codgers).

So, we’re still working on the script and this week someone posted a link to the full runthrough to Space Ace, the sci-fi themed sequel to the interactive animated video game Dragon’s Lair.

Beats having to cough up a whole lotta quarters to try and get through it all, right?

Anyway, it’s been a fun, silly inspiration as we continue to work on the script. More details to come as we get closer!