Quorum Profile: Aimee Thibert

With the launch of our latest series, Quorum, we’re sharing the bios of some of the people making it happen.

Aimee ThibertAimee Thibert
Amber Wonderly
Aimee Thibert is a voice actor currently located in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area. Originally from New Orleans, Aimee has performed in over 20 productions from the Wizard of Oz to a Midsummer Night’s Dream. She was also a founding member of the acrobatic dance theater company “Caged” which toured throughout Louisiana. While currently honing her skills at George Mason University, Aimee is proud to be a veteran of the United States Air Force. Aimee is thrilled to have had the opportunity to work with Bjorn and Bill on this fantastic project!

Listen Live! War of the Worlds, 2018

Join us on WERA-LP 96.7 FM just about now at a special time (2:00pm ET) for the recording of a live performance celebrating the 80th anniversary of the famous Mercury Theater of the Air production of War of the Worlds.

H.G. Wells’ classic “War of the Worlds” gets a Jabberwocky update as we tune in to a special radio broadcast in October 2018 learning of mysterious power outages and “seismic activity” in the Washington, DC area. Could this be related to strange gas eruptions on the planet Mars?

Cast (in order of speaking):

Announcer: William R. Coughlan
Narrator: Brooks Tegler
Bob Fredericks, WERA-LP Anchor: Steve Ray
Dana Lavelle, Traffic Reporter: Anna Coughlan
Lisa Howes, Weather Reporter: Yasmin Tuazon
Eddie Shaw, WQVA Reporter: Keith Waters
Dave Phillips, WQVA Recording Engineer: Bjorn Munson
Dr. Isabella Perrotin: Carol McCaffrey
National Guard Sergeant: Bjorn Munson
Brigadier General Lawrence Marvin, VA National Guard: Brooks Tegler
Captain McBride, U.S. Army Signal Corps: Keith Waters
Artilleryman: William R. Coughlan
De Soto, Artillery Officer: Nick DePinto
Warthog Lead: Brooks Tegler
Warthog Four: Yasmin Tuazon
Warthog Three: Nick DePinto
Man: Steve Ray


Recorded live at the Gaylord Convention Center in National Harbor as part of Escape Velocity 2018
Music was composed by John Maestri
Sound Patterns by Heff Munson
Live sound recording and mixing and post-production mix by Antonio Villaronga
Written and directed by Bjorn Munson, based on the novel by H.G. Wells

Listen to the Episode Live!

Length: 49:25
Rated AD-PG, parental guidance suggested. Contains scenes of mass destruction and sci-fi violence, including people being incinerated by heat rays, suffocated by poison gas, and, in one case, impaled. I mean, the Martians really aren’t trying to be good neighbors.

Rated AD-PG (Audio Drama 'PG')
Rating: AD-PG

Quorum Profile: James E. Lewis

With the launch of our latest series, Quorum, we’re sharing the bios of some of the people making it happen.

James E. LewisJames E. Lewis
Will Archer
James Lewis is the Executive Producer for “Talktime Voiceovers” (www.talktimevo.com) a voiceover demo production company that also provides coaching and training. Talktime has worked with and produced demos for many of the leading talents in the DMV.

As talent James is an award winner performer and has appeared on national television shows such as HBO’s The Wire, Fox’s America’s Most Wanted, The I.D. channel’s Evil Twins and has been seen in hundreds of commercials including national spots for Ricola, Carmax, Airhead’s Bites Candy, Medicare, Rolaids and many more.

As a voice actor Lewis has recorded over 600 audio books and voiced characters for both Marvel and DC Comics as well as video games such as Fallout 3, Elder Scrolls and Street Hoops. 

Quorum Profile: Nick DePinto

With the launch of our latest series, Quorum, we’re sharing the bios of some of the people making it happen.

Nick DePintoNick DePinto
Drunk Cowboy, Detective Ben Marshall
NICK DEPINTO is an American actor. He is known mostly for his stage work and his facility with a wide range of vivid characters across many periods & styles. He is also a musician, songwriter & visual artist. He has performed on two continents in three separate nations and toured the USA extensively earning a Wilde Award for his portrayal of Abe Steinman in The Kentucky Cycle. He was recently nominated for a Helen Hayes Award for Best Supporting Actor in Washington DC. Nick is the host of the Customs & Border Protection video shown at all major ports of entry into the USA. He originated the role of Jack in Live Broadcast, a play published by Samuel French & written by John William Shiffbauer and is the voice of the Marvel X-Men character Colossus for Graphic Audio. When not working Nick likes to write songs, play music with his bands, paint, take photographs & do Vulcan impersonations for the delight of others.

Quorum Profile: Faith Potts

With the launch of our latest series, Quorum, we’re sharing the bios of some of the people making it happen.

Faith PottsFaith Potts
Ms. Rook
Faith Potts has lived the last thirty-plus years in the DC area, working as actor, narrator, piano teacher, and fan of the arts which flourish here so abundantly! She is a member of AEA and SAG-AFTRA, has narrated over three hundred books for the National Library Service, and has performed on many stages here and regionally.

Listen Live! Quorum – The Gambler’s Tale: Outstanding Debts, Part 1 of 10

Tune in, right about now (at 4pm ET), as our newest series debuts!

Quorum: The Gambler’s Tale — Outstanding DebtsThroughout history, there has always been a chasm between the bulk of humanity and the enigmatic circle who hold true dominion. Those whose influence remains shrouded, save for the rare instances when their designs cross into the outside world… and the real-world repercussions of their schemes can play out with dramatic results.

Cast (in order of speaking)

Announcer: Marsha Rehns
Mr. King: Pete Papageorge
Ms. Rook: Faith Potts
Mr. Queen: Joel Snyder
Ms. Knight: Anna Fitzgerald
Mr. Bishop: Brian Crane
Jimmy Harmon: Cameron McNary
Interrogator: Pete Papageorge
Upperclassmen: Yasmin Tuazon, William R. Coughlan
Roommate: Mike Bernal
Casino Denizens: James E. Lewis, Bjorn Munson, Mike Bernal, Yasmin Tuazon
Poker Player: William R. Coughlan
Poker Dealer: Lydia Kraniotis
Drunk Cowboy: Nick DePinto
Cowgirl: Schuyler Atkins
Will Archer: James E. Lewis
Wilmer Crick: Christopher Walker
Watson: Alex Stinson
Amber: Aimee Thibert
Wiktoria Sałkiewicz: Lydia Kraniotis
Secret Dealer: Anna Coughlan


Recorded at WERA-LP 96.7 FM Radio Arlington
Supplemental recording at Tohubohu Productions in Burke, Virginia
Music by Brooks Tegler
Dialogue and sound effects editing, mastering and final mixing by William R. Coughlan
Production support by Anna Coughlan and Kim Davenport
Produced by Bjorn Munson
Written and directed by William R. Coughlan

Music Selections

Early in the Morning” and “And Not Only That
performed by Brooks Tegler’s Hot Jazz
from the album And Not Only That!
Amazon | iTunes | CD Baby

performed by The Crème
from the album The Ocean, Not the Tide

performed by MoriTaT
from the album DeTriTus
Bandcamp | SoundCloud

Isn’t It a Pity
performed by The Brooks Tegler Trio
from the upcoming album Live at the Irish Inn at Glen Echo

Theme for a Made-for-TV Movie
performed by Don Lerman
from the album The Zoot Side of Life
Amazon | iTunes | CD Baby

Listen to the Episode LIVE!

Length: 28:00

Rated AD-PG (Audio Drama “PG”)Rated AD-PG, so parental guidance is suggested
Contains a character being tortured, multiple uses of “ass” and “bitch,” and — depending on who you ask — a really bad Australian accent. (I mean, we’ve heard far worse.)



Quorum Profile: Anna FItzgerald

With the upcoming launch of our latest series, Quorum, we’re sharing the bios of some of the people making it happen.

Anna FitzgeraldAnna Fitzgerald
Ms. Knight
Anna Fitzgerald is an actor, voice actor, and 30-year creative-direction veteran in NYC and Washington, DC. She holds national awards for her digital interfaces and has led creative for dozens of non-profits, startups, and Fortune500s including American Express, America Online, Discovery Channel, and Microsoft. She recently finished performances for a 2019 feature film, a 2018 House of Cards series, and live announcing for an audience of 11K. As a devout drama reader (100-200 per year), vocalist, musician, and environmentalist, spare time is chiefly spent exploring cultural pursuits…sometimes with tea, wine, a game friend, or a friend who can be bribed with tea or wine.

Listen Online! JAT Chat # 3: October 2018

Bjorn takes the opportunity to talk a little about how the live performance of “War of the Worlds, 2018” came to be. For the remainder of the episode, Bill talks about the inspirations behind our next regular series: Quorum as well as to what to expect from our first installment: The Gambler’s Tale: Outstanding Debts.


Listen to the Episode! 


Quorum Profile: Joel Snyder

With the upcoming launch of our latest series, Quorum, we’re sharing the bios of some of the people making it happen.

Joel Snyder
Mr. Queen, “Big Mike” Dalton
Dr. Joel Snyder is known internationally as one of the world’s first “audio describers” and voice talent, a pioneer in the use of language and voice to convey visual images for the benefit, primarily, of people who are blind or have a vision impairment. His work has been a part of nationally televised shows including Sesame Street and a wide range of movies, DVDs, museums and the performing arts. Since 1981, he has introduced audio description techniques in over 40 states and 53 countries and has made hundreds of live events, media projects and museums accessible.

His theater credits as a performer include “Abe Kaplan” in Street Scene for the Wolf Trap Opera Company, “Dr. Fine” in Six Degrees of Separation at Center Stage, “Charlie Cowell” in The Music Man with Bobby Van, “Ira Zimmer” in Olney Theater’s Brooklyn Boy, “Morris” in the world premiere of the three-character musical Hubert and Charlie at the Kennedy Center, “Tevya” in the American Century Theater production of A Flag Is Born and at Theatre J, The Chosen, Passing The Love of Women, and a staged reading of Shylock with Theodore Bikel.

Quorum Profile: Pete Papageorge

With the upcoming launch of our latest series, Quorum, we’re sharing the bios of some of the people making it happen.

Pete PapageorgePete Papageorge
Mr. King, Interrogator
Pete Papageorge is an Actor, Musician, and Voiceover performer. For nearly thirty years, he was the “musician-in-residence” at Kelly’s Irish Times restaurant near Capitol Hill. Previously he played in bands, notably with DC legends, Donal Leace and “Big” Al Downing. He’s been a member of SAG-AFTRA since 1999 and has been seen in numerous Film & TV projects, including Head of State, A Dirty Shame, House of Cards, VEEP, The District, and most recently, the 2018 NYT Critic’s Pick, Sollers Point. He’s also done voiceovers for numerous clients including the US Army, the CIA, DIA, GMMB, American Red Cross, as well as having voiced twenty-two characters for the 2008 GDC Game of the Year, FALLOUT 3. In 2010, he was awarded the Classic Peer Gold award for his “I Am the Guard” voiceover spot for the National Guard. He is also a BMI-affiliated songwriter/publisher having had songs chart on Cash Box and played on The Weather Channel. You can hear his music on Spotify, YouTube, and at his website, www.petepapageorge.com. Recently, he became a volunteer musician with “Musicians on Call,” an organization through which musicians play at bedsides of patients at area hospitals. Thus far, he has very much enjoyed being a part of “The Quorum,” his first project with Team J.