More War of the Worlds Posters to Share!

It’s now less than 30 days before the end of the world, H.G. Wells-style, by which we mean our performance of War of the Worlds at Escape Velocity (now with Facebook event link).

Previously, we shared a poster you are welcome to share on social media:

Poster design by William R. Coughlan

However, speaking of social media, you’re also welcome to share this Facebook cover photo:

Or this square version ready for Instagram:

We hope to see many of you there!

Tune in to Jabberwocky Audio Theater starting Sunday, June 10th!

Okay, so we’ve mentioned some of this before, but because we absolutely want anyone and everyone to know, Jabberwocky Audio Theater will be on the actual broadcast airwaves starting Sunday, June 10th at 4pm Eastern Time.

If you’re in the DC metropolitan area, you just might be able to tune into WERA-LP 96.7 FM and hear us each Sunday. It’ll work best in Arlington, Virginia, but we’ve tested the signal around the area and it goes pretty far.

For those of you not in the region, the episodes will be available later in the week on our podcast feed.

The game plan is to start with season one of Rogue Tyger, take a nice, relaxing break destroying the planet with War of the Worlds, and finish up the year with the first installment of Quorum.

In between the runs of those shows, we’ll have a chance to give you some behind-the-scenes listens about the inspiration and making of the episodes as well as answer some of your questions (assuming you all have questions).

We look forward to you joining us on the journey. Adventure awaits!

Rogue Tyger: Would You Like to Know More?

So, you’ve listened to all five episodes of “The Pilot,” Rogue Tyger‘s first serial, and you want to know more about their corner of the galaxy?

Well, wonder no more with the fabulous and informative Imperium Encyclopedia!

As each new episode rolls out, we’ll be adding new entries to the encyclopedia giving you more background on the peoples, worlds, and more that inhabit the Imperium… handy in case you’re ever sucked through a wormhole and find yourself there.

The Complete Pilot

We’re just as amazed as you are, but it appears that all that temporal tinkering has worked! Who said all aberrations of the spacetime continuum were bad?

You should now be able to listen to all five parts of “The Pilot,” the series premiere of Rogue Tyger. We already let people know on the podcast feed:

You can also listen to all the five parts here:

The full show notes for episode 1.

The full show notes for episode 2.

The full show notes for episode 3.

The full show notes for episode 4.

The full show notes for episode 5.

For When 10,000 Sound Effects Just Aren’t Enough…

You can always use more sound effects and the Beeb has long been an excellent source of all sorts of delightful sounds. Our artistic director fondly remembers listening through a multi-LP set of sound effects whilst doing the sound design for a stage production many moons ago. Apparently, he was unsuccessful at slipping in a “drilling into skull” sound effect for a production of “Grease,” but Auntie Beeb had the sound ready for him just in case.

Just this week, the BBC has announced they are opening up 16,000 sound effects up for use… for free! Granted it needs to be for “personal, educational, or research purposes,” (check out the license) but for those of you who can claim that, we would be remiss if we didn’t share the good news.

Chuck McCann, R.I.P.

One of the reasons we do audio theater is that we love great voices, so it’s always sad when someone like Chuck McCann leaves us as he did last week at the age of 83.

You can read a good piece from AP, an article from the Hollywood Reporter, and the remembrance in the Mirror has some great photos. Writer Mark Evanier has a good story about Chuck McCann’s stories and why he’ll be missed by his friends.

For fans, they may think of how he was the first to be cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs, some of his many cartoon voices, or perhaps more recently, his times on the Radio Adventures of Doctor Floyd. Finally, also via a Mark Evanier post: