Imperium Encyclopedia in Depth: Grainne Kochowa

If you’ve been enjoying Rogue Tyger, have you checked out the Encyclopedia of the Imperium yet? It’s the definitive source for the history of the Seven Systems and the greater Imperium.

Grainne Kochowa

Art by Javier Charro

(b. 337 SIY) Arang Pelaiyu pilot associated with the Flatrock enclave and the freighter Tyger.

Grainne Kochowa is believed to have been born in the 4th century of the Imperium on the ocean world of Merso, part of the holdings of House Malde.

While the location of an Arang Pelaiyu not in Imperial service can sometimes be difficult, enclaves keep scrupulous genealogical records. In this case, the Battle of Merso in 431, a violent conflict typical of the late stages of the Border Wars, included the destruction of the enclave along with the rest of the main lagrange station. The oceans were further poisoned by toxic chemicals in the wreckage that impacted the surface, making the underwater settlements uninhabitable. Records regarding Grainne Kochowa’s early life and education are therefore lost.

The Arang Pelaiyu of Merso, displaying their species’ traditional stoicism, took the tragedy in stride and spread to other enclaves among the Imperium. Kochowa is listed as part of the group arriving in Flatrock in SIY 432. She is then listed in some late war dispatches, serving as a relief shuttle pilot. Review of historical records show she may have helped rescue over 500 souls fleeing the siege of Urmia.

Kochowa is believed to have continued to work as a pilot on and around Flatrock for the next few decades, often for medical and relief transports. Her name appears listed in flight plans for the Tyger beginning in late SIY 470.


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