Quorum Season Two is In Production!

Amazingly, this isn’t our whole cast from our virtual table readings in January

After plenty of time spent casting in the Fall, we returned from the holidays getting ready to produce the second full season of Quorum (the first season and an “interlude” are available to listen to already if you want to catch up).

The Gambler’s Tale: All That Glitters picks up with poker player and ad-hoc sleuth Jimmy Harmon almost a year later and in a new city, Los Angeles. While the city and its dangers might be new, you’ll find the mayhem and cliffhangers are what you’ve come to expect.

We have a cast of 28 actors voicing about 56 roles through a labyrinthine story that spans 10 episodes (just like season one). The picture above is from our virtual table read, which took two sessions considering it’s over 200 pages of script. That was late January.

Now we’re going through the slow, but steady process of recording each of those 28 actors. It’s a change from our usual style of gathering everyone together, but COVID demands we take those precautions — and we’ve been excited about the performances we’ve captured already.

Look for the next season of Quorum this Fall on WERA-LP 96.7 FM and on fine podcatchers everywhere.

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