News from the Tulgey Wood – Not Quite Five by Five Edition

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We know it’s 2024 because things are in motion, including our home radio station. But rest easy, we’ve got some of our audio fiction and bonus goodies for you all in the meantime.


An Interview with Yasmin Tuazon (for Patreon Backers 

As we continue working on season 3 of our space opera, Rogue Tyger, we’re sharing some of our behind the scenes goodies with our backers on Patreon. This month, it’s an interview with Yasmin Tuazon, whose voice longtime listeners may remember from War of the Worlds or her award-winning turn as Rachel “Peeps” Leblanc in Quorum. But as it turns out, her first role for us here in Deepest Springfield was as Dr. Shen Enling. Learn all about Yasmin and her adventurous character in the interview here

This and over 60 other pieces of bonus goodies are available for Patrons starting at $1 per month.

AIM is Moving: That Means a Pause for JAT on the Radio

WERA-LPArlington Independent Media, the folks behind our home radio station WERA, are moving from their longtime facility as of this past weekend. We recorded many hours of audio fiction you listen to there, so it’s sad to see it go, but we’re excited for the new facility and the possible return of us doing a production in front of a live audience.

But in practical terms, they’re moving everything, and that includes certain transmission gear, so, until everything is set up at the new location, you’ll hear some music coming from the radio station, but programs like ours are off the air in the meantime.

We will let you know when we return to the broadcast airwaves, hopefully no later than March.

Thanks for reading, thanks for listening, and we hope your ’24 is starting off great.


Bjorn Munson
Artistic Director, Jabberwocky Audio Theater

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