News from the Tulgey Wood – Now Fully Fall Edition

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Autumn has come full force here in the Tulgey Wood. The leaves are changing. The days are shorter. The nights are cooler…  but the creative fires are still burning here at Jabber-HQ.

In addition to continued work on season three of Rogue Tyger, writing continues on season three of Quorum, and we’re working on a comprehensive website re-design, with some expanded sections — including a web store with merch we hope you’ll find frabjous.

Get Your Binge Listening On with “The End”

The EndOne of the sections we’re going to build up is resources, both for listeners and for fellow podcasters. We’ve benefited greatly from knowledge shared between colleagues in the audio fiction community, so we plan to do our part to point out great sites like The End

We were happy for Rogue Tyger to be featured in their issue #52, as the first two seasons of our space opera have a complete story arc, but if you are an avid listener of audio fiction –and by all indications, many of you are– you can find a whole host of great podcasts to fill up your podcatcher.

Wrapping Up Rogue Tyger Bonus Content, for Now… 

Rogue Tyger

Speaking of Rogue Tyger,  we have been putting up bonus, behind-the-scenes audio segments all summer for our Patrons on Patreon. We’ve finished the re-broadcast of the first two seasons of Rogue Tyger on WERA, so we took the opportunity to do one last segment this past week. If you’re interested in becoming a backer on Patreon, you can do so for as little as a dollar a month. Higher levels give you additional benefits including bonus full-cast episodes of some of our shows like Quorum.

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