Resource: The End Newsletter & Podcast

This is the first of a new series of posts we’re doing to share cool resources for the audio fiction community, both for avid listeners as well as creators. Because not only are people doing a lot of cool stuff out there, people are doing cool things that help you make and learn about that cool stuff.

The EndThe End seeks to scratch a straightforward itch: where can one binge listen complete audio fiction series? Or at least whole seasons?

Energetic curator Evo Terra releases a new issue weekly and has just gone past the year milestone with no end in sight… and that’s a good thing. You can subscribe to the newsletter or easily check out the archive on the website… and there’s even a companion podcast.

We were very thrilled for Evo to reach out to us about including Rogue Tyger in issue #52, and we know a lot of you have told us you wait until you have a full season of our shows to listen to you, so if you need something new to listen to, be sure to check out The End.

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