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(b. 422 SIY) Coutharian engineer associated with the freighter Tyger.

Tormar (ney Domash ur Virain) was birthed on the Coutharian homeworld of Uthar Kretik in the early 5th century. Typical of Coutharian culture, his early education came from his clan and clade where he showed a particular interest and aptitude for mechanical engineering.

While the Coutharian education system does not correspond to Imperial standards, the Bryson-Benefield Agreement of 363 did establish a methodology for determining educational equivalency. By those standards, Tormar has the equivalent of masters degrees in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, avionics, nuclear engineering, and applied physics.

Prior to the 460s, Tormar appears to have worked primarily in Coutharian space, though his credentials certified several Coutharian vessels regularly travelling into the Imperium as “spaceworthy.” He also worked for a time supervising construction and repair of spacecraft at the drydocks of the Kilwa spaceport.

Several sources confirm that Tormar was one of the Coutharians who was part of the Salatiga Incident of 469. Some scholars, as a theory to explain Reg Macorum’s actions, speculate Tormar had not only had a primary role in the resolution of the incident, but may also have been on the Silver Star prior to the events. However, no evidence has been found that confirms Tormar working for the Zenocrate Cartel (which would be highly unlikely given the cartel’s actions in Coutharian space).

Tormar has been repeatedly listed in flight plans originating from and for maintenance requests at Flatrock for the freighter Tyger since SIY 470.

Note: this entry will be updated with events from 473 SIY onward after reviewing newly acquired historical documents.

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