Everything Brooks Tegler could Drum Up About Gene Krupa

Just like last week’s note about voice actor Kevin Murray in the news, we wanted to give you more news about what the extended company is up to while we’re working on pre-production for Quorum.

Now this may not be for everyone, but if you know someone who’s really into jazz, drums, and especially Gene Krupa, Brooks Tegler has the book for them: GK: The Tools that Built The Gene Krupa Legend.

Gene Krupa (via Hudson Music website)

In case you only know Brooks as the voice of Reg Macorum in Rogue Tyger or Chuck Codgers in Nostromo 2, he’s also an accomplished drummer and band leader who contributed music to Quorum. And when it comes to details about specific areas of history, say, a certain jazz drummer’s gear, he’s exacting. If you check out a preview of the book, you’ll likely know if this is up your jazz alley.

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