May the Fourth Be With You! Star Wars Giveaway Time

We’re racing to get stuff ready for our 2020 season, but as folks on our mailing list know, we’re squeezing in one more giveaway before then.

And considering the week we’re in, it only made sense to do a Star Wars-themed giveaway.

For those of you who don’t know about the giveaways, we band together with a bunch of other independent creative folk, pick a bunch of goodies around a theme that we’d love to win ourselves — and then we put it out into the social media world. At the end of this week, someone wins all the goodies listed below.

So many of us here at JAT grew up with Star Wars and we thrilled to The Mandalorian this past Fall. Plus, listeners of Rogue Tyger have noted there’s a little bit of Captain Solo in Reg Macorum, and hey, next season they’ll be spending more time on the Frontier, what in the Star Wars galaxy would be the Outer Rim. So this giveaway just felt right.

So if you’re tempted by this giveaway, sign up by this Friday, May 8th before 6:30pm ET, because that’s when it ends.

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