Quorum Season Two Draft Done!

Quorum Script

The whisky glass is optional

We’ve been feeling the pressure this month, between adjusting to life in the pandemic and trying to stay true to our planned 2020 schedule.

One bit of good news has been that Bill Coughlan has finished his revised draft of Quorum.

As you all probably know, Quorum has interweaving tales told from different perspectives. Currently we’ve been getting to know Jimmy Harmon, the titular gambler in “The Gambler’s Tale.” Both that first installment and this next one are 10-episode seasons. One of the innovations Bill brought to our Jabberwocky workflow was to have the entire season — all 10 episodes — be one massive script. As a filmmaker, he already had software familiar to many screenwriters called Final Draft. He looked at the format I used from a bit of free software called Celtx and created a custom style that would work for audio theater.

For those of you backing us on Patreon, we go into some of the pros and cons we’ve found in doing season-long scripting.

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