Quorum Profile: Anna Fitzgerald

With the upcoming launch of our latest series, Quorum, we’re sharing the bios of some of the people making it happen.

Anna FitzgeraldAnna Fitzgerald
Ms. Knight
Anna Fitzgerald is an actor, voice actor, and 30-year creative-direction veteran in NYC and Washington, DC. She holds national awards for her digital interfaces and has led creative for dozens of non-profits, startups, and Fortune500s including American Express, America Online, Discovery Channel, and Microsoft. She recently finished performances for a 2019 feature film, a 2018 House of Cards series, and live announcing for an audience of 11K. As a devout drama reader (100-200 per year), vocalist, musician, and environmentalist, spare time is chiefly spent exploring cultural pursuits…sometimes with tea, wine, a game friend, or a friend who can be bribed with tea or wine.

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