Quorum Profile: Joel Snyder

With the upcoming launch of our latest series, Quorum, we’re sharing the bios of some of the people making it happen.

Joel Snyder
Mr. Queen, “Big Mike” Dalton
Dr. Joel Snyder is known internationally as one of the world’s first “audio describers” and voice talent, a pioneer in the use of language and voice to convey visual images for the benefit, primarily, of people who are blind or have a vision impairment. His work has been a part of nationally televised shows including Sesame Street and a wide range of movies, DVDs, museums and the performing arts. Since 1981, he has introduced audio description techniques in over 40 states and 53 countries and has made hundreds of live events, media projects and museums accessible.

His theater credits as a performer include “Abe Kaplan” in Street Scene for the Wolf Trap Opera Company, “Dr. Fine” in Six Degrees of Separation at Center Stage, “Charlie Cowell” in The Music Man with Bobby Van, “Ira Zimmer” in Olney Theater’s Brooklyn Boy, “Morris” in the world premiere of the three-character musical Hubert and Charlie at the Kennedy Center, “Tevya” in the American Century Theater production of A Flag Is Born and at Theatre J, The Chosen, Passing The Love of Women, and a staged reading of Shylock with Theodore Bikel.

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