What Kind of Adventure Awaits?

Our tagline here at Jabberwocky Audio Theater is “Adventure Awaits!”

But what does that mean?

That means we like tales of adventure in the classic tradition, but with a modern take. If you think of some of the vintage radio programs like Gunsmoke or Escape, you’ll know they covered some grown-up topics, but could still be rated “G” or “PG” today and, okay, yeah, the G-rated films are sometimes PG these days just as some films that would have been rated PG in the ’80s are now PG-13, but we still feel it’s a pretty good benchmark.

But showing is always better than telling, so since this our website, not the podcast, we can show you a good example of the a classic adventure tale done in a modern style that makes us chortle with joy:

An adaptation of The Count of Monte Cristo may be in the cards in the future… and not necessarily a science fiction one (because that version has been done well and we don’t have the rights to it).

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