Team Profile: Yasmin Tuazon

Leading up to our live performance of H.G. Wells’s War of the Worlds at Escape Velocity, we’re sharing the bios of some of the people making it happen.

Yasmin TuazonYasmin Tuazon

Lisa Howes, Warthog Two, Running Crew

Yasmin Tuazon is pleased as punch to return to Jabberwocky Audio Theater, where she last could be heard as Dr. Shen Enling in the series Rogue Tyger. Her voice has also featured in Lean and Hungry Theater’s broadcast of Much Ado About Nothing, and a host of books for Graphic Audio.  When people can see her, she has worked with the Source Theater Festival, dog & pony dc, The Welders, and Rorschach Theatre, where she is a company member and last appeared in Frances Ya-Chu Cowhig’s 410 [Gone].

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