Upcoming Casting for Quorum

Even as we’re working on post-production for season one of Rogue Tyger, we’re preparing to cast the first season of Quorum, a neo-noir thriller we’ll be recording this Summer for broadcast this Fall.

This first installment will feature well over 20 speaking parts for its 10 half-hour episodes — and we’d love to add some new voices to the Jabberwocky Audio team. If you’ve listened to the pilot of Rogue Tyger, you know some of what we’re aiming for (though Quorum will feature roulette wheels versus rocket ships).

The formal casting notice, listing all the different parts, will be posted here on or about Monday, May 14th. However, because we’re going to be collecting actor submissions via Team J’s casting database, we thought we’d give people a chance to create or update their profiles. We also wanted to provide a few other details which may help you decide whether you’re interested in the project.

We are collecting actor submissions via Stonehenge Casting

The company behind Jabberwocky Audio Theater, Team Jabberwocky, is also behind the annual Stonehenge Auditions held in Washington, DC, as well as an online casting database, Stonehenge Casting.

As comes as no surprise, we’re going to be using our own casting tool.

Actors can register and create a free profile on Stonehenge Casting, which Team J and other local producers use to cast their projects.

For this upcoming Quorum casting notice, you don’t need to worry about making your profile “100% complete” — or even including a headshot. But do pay attention to the section where you list your voice over demos.

You should also go ahead and mark your availability for July and August in the calendar section, which leads to:

Recording Dates will be Sundays between July 15 and August 12

We will be recording all 10 episodes in three day-long recording sessions.

The recording sessions will be on Sundays at AIM, from 10am to 6pm, including breaks and lunch.

We won’t be able to confirm our exact recording dates until June, but the three dates should fall within those five Sundays.

There’s a section within your Stonehenge Casting profile where you can list any conflicts in your availability.

Recordings will be done in person

We like to record old-school style for Jabberwocky Audio Theater. That means we start with a table read in the morning, make adjustments, and then get on our feet and record as a group. We know some audio theater groups produce shows with most — or all — of the actors recording remotely. We do not.

If you’re not local to the DC metro area and won’t be able to come to the recording studio in Arlington, Virginia, we’re sorry, but we won’t get a chance to work with you this time around.

This is not a commercial project

We love actors (hey, many of us are actors) and we’re not asking people to perform for nothing. However, this project is originating on non-commercial, non-profit radio (WERA-LP 96.7 FM).

While actors will receive what can be considered an honorarium or stipend for each recording session, it won’t be anything one might consider a commercial rate. If you need to focus on better-paying projects, we understand.

We are not looking to fill any other positions

The casting notice will be for actors only. We are not looking for writers, directors, composers, recording engineers, or any other positions at this time.

Thanks for reading. Again, this is a note just so actors can know better if they want to respond to the casting notice expected on or about May 14th and update or create their Stonehenge Casting profile if that’s the case.

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